Creative Wear

CreativeWear – Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space – revitalizes the crisis-ridden Textile & Clothing (T&C) sector through a new attention to creativity, personalized design, artisan and small-scale production for territorially specific value chains in customer-driven business models.

Business model innovation as a form of social/societal innovation has emerged in EU policy as a key area for the effective transfer of research and development to the market. For the Textile & Clothing (T&C) industry, the need to creatively innovate existing and traditional business models goes beyond the current “fashion industry” to embrace the wider scope of artistic and design thinking.

The project seeks to recover and valorise the design heritage and “making” knowledge of Mediterranean cultures by bringing renewed creative energy to T&C clusters and industrial districts. It establishes a network of Creative Hubs that experiment different ways of supporting cooperation between creatives and enterprises. Pilot testing of these approaches will validate new, more sustainable business models for cultural and creative industries that add value to T&C businesses in the Mediterranean. Successful solutions will be extended trans-nationally to similar/complementary Creative Hubs in the MED area and beyond.


Creative Hubs

The Social Hub (Slovenia)
The Crowd Hub (Palermo -Sicily)
The Heritage Hub (Prato)
The Technology Hub (Valencia)
The Art Hub (Athens)


Why CWEAR is on Wave OI platform?

Cwear believes in the open innovation concept for the promotion of the entrepreneurial discover of opportunities and interdisciplinary collaborations between Textile& Clothing companies with artists and designers. Moreover we believe in connected local creative communities (Hubs) each other to forster innovation, make them learn how to network and support each other and further develop the market in new exciting directions.