What is a Wave platform?

The goal of WAVE is to establish a dynamic space of
collaboration inspired by the open innovation
philosophy, where the need and the offer of skills,
ideas and creativity can match. We believe in the
power of collective intelligence and we offer to
solution seeker a space for publishing their call, in
form of project or challenge. The community will
discuss the case, even voting and sharing it
externally. All the members will be allowed to suggest
pieces of information that could be useful for the
topic, as well as to propose detailed ideas as possible
solutions. The process will informally generate new
links and partnerships, which may finally be
consolidated by starting a new venture, signing R&D
contracts or license agreements. By promoting
challenges, large or even smaller companies, as well
as public bodies, can boost the creativity of young
professionals and researchers, awarding the emerging
local talents and attracting new ones from outside.

What you can do with us?

In WAVE you are invited to discuss projects; propose ideas,
meet potential collaborators, through informal collaboration
and knowledge sharing methodologies.


A CHALLENGE is a competition where you can offer a prize for presenting the best solution to a problem.

you can partecipate in Challenges. A great variety of
problems are looking for your solution. Apply your
expertise, stretch your creative boundaries, and win
different kinds of awards.

in the WAVE community you can look for high-profile
solutions, just publishing a Challenge call, with the
task description and the bkind of awards you will

How does this work?


We want your innovative PROJECTS to become real:
share with us an outline and look for partners, investors,
skills and contributions for its further development.


In a BRAINSTORM you can discuss a topic or look for a
solution to a specific problem, with the help from the WAVE
community. You can collect open technical knowledge
around either a business or a social task for do surveys,
but you can also conduct a context analysis or a market
research investigation that is preliminary to the
development of a new business idea.

Have you got an
innovative project?

Have you found an
innovative project?


An IDEA is a “unit of creativity” you can post on the
platform to participate to a Project, to suggest a
pathway in a Brainstorm or to take part into a


An HOW-TO is a small but structured guides that are
showing to make something. A step-by-step outline will
help you to share your knowledge with the members of
our community.

You can also read, comment, vote, and share Ideas on
the social networks to spread the discussion and attract
new contributors.